Reliable, efficient protection for your pool

The unique design of the Coverseal swimming pool cover comes straight from industry, from the high-speed roll-up door sector, to be precise. It took several years of research and development to adapt this technology to the specific environment of the swimming pool and combine it with the necessary visual appeal.


A unique patented system

The new Coverseal system is unique and protected by a number of patents. It’s the perfect solution for covering pools in an attractive, safe and simple way with a tried and tested automatic mechanism used in the industrial sector.

The Coverseal swimming pool cover unrolls and seals automatically, thanks to an exclusive 8.5mm wide mini-rail, constantly sealed off to prevent any plant debris and dirt from collecting inside it. Furthermore, the rail is constantly closed by the V belt, designed to protect your toes, even those of very young children.


The Coverseal swimming pool cover is made from tough materials, guaranteeing durability and optimum performance over time. The Précontraint Ferrari membrane contains more PVC per mm2 than any other membrane, making it more resistant to UV and also pressure: it can withstand over 300 kg per linear metre without becoming deformed.

The entire mechanism and structure of the swimming pool cover is made out of marine-grade materials which can withstand the harsh swimming pool environment (salt and chlorine resistant, etc.).