Secure your pool with Coverseal

Installing a Coverseal pool cover provides you with safety, protection and peace of mind you can totally rely on.


Complies with safety standards*

The Coverseal pool cover complies with the most demanding swimming pool safety standards (French standard NF P90-308). The equipment is designed down to the very last detail to make sure it is safe for very young children.

It closes very quickly (45 seconds for a 10*5m pool) and seals automatically, making it the perfect solution for all those who want to secure the pool at the touch of a button (children, animals, etc.).

*Standardisation endorsed by the LNE (France’s national testing laboratory).

Tough and reliable

Coverseal’s design and tough materials (reinforced PVC membrane by PrĂ©contraint Ferrari) means it can withstand heavy loads, far beyond safety standard restrictions.

An ultra-flat slider rail guides and seals the cover as it gradually glides over the pool. The system is therefore sealed automatically, removing any risk of the user forgetting to do so. The pool cover’s highly resistant tensioned membrane guarantees maximum safety.