Protect your pool and the environment

The Coverseal all-season pool cover guarantees you cleaner, clearer and purer water all year round, meaning you don’t have to use as many chemical products in the water or as much water and energy. So you protect the environment in both summer and winter.


Pure water all year round

Durable materials and Coverseal’s unique sealing system guarantee you cleaner water protected from undesirable insects, plant debris and other dirt. The anti-UV membrane blocks out the sun’s rays and part of the light to reduce photosynthesis and prevent algae from forming, keeping the pool’s pH level more stable.

Coverseal is simple to use and reliable, providing a perfect seal to guarantee cystal clear water all year round. It also withstands the summer heat and the ice and snow in winter. In fact, we recommend you cover your swimming pool with Coverseal to provide the pool and its equipment with the best possible protection against ice during the winter.

Fully independent mechanism thanks to solar energy

No electrical connections

The Coverseal motor system is powered by batteries recharged by two solar panels, making the pool cover fully independent. Furthermore, the mechanism does not require any electrical connections.

Maximum insulation

Coverseal retains the stored heat from the sun and optimises the warm temperature of the water: no more heat loss and also a decrease in water loss from evaporation, so reducing your pool’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. And all the while blending in perfectly and unobtrusively with your terrace and garden surroundings.

Coverseal is eco-friendly
Coverseal is eco-friendly
Coverseal is eco-friendly
Coverseal is eco-friendly