Cover your pool in style

Whether open or closed, your swimming pool still looks great thanks to Coverseal’s stylish, unobtrusive design


A stylish pool cover

Thanks to its unique sealing system which keeps the cover perfectly tensioned, Coverseal gives you a flawlessly smooth finish. Your pool will always look stylishly “dressed”…

During the opening / closing operation, the pool cover’s entire mechanism (tubular motor and rewinder) moves along the length of the pool, leaving only the size-optimised housing on view once the pool is uncovered.

Tailored to any shape of pool

Coverseal can be tailored to any shape of indoor or outdoor pool, existing ones or those under construction.

Covers are tailor-made and can be customised: the membrane and the protective housing for the motor unit, made from powder-coated steel, are available in a wide range of colours, allowing the pool cover to blend in seamlessly and unobtrusively with the surroundings of your terrace and garden