About us

Tried and tested technology for swimming pools

Coverseal was founded on the desire to provide the swimming pool protection sector with an original, high-end solution which was both attractive and efficient for discerning customers.

When he created Coverseal in 2007, Benoit Coenraets wanted to apply his knowledge of high speed roll-up door automation to the specific environment of the swimming pool. His previous experience in industry dovetailed with the reliability and safety that are essential to a swimming pool cover. All that remained was to adapt this expertise to produce an attractive product…

That product is Coverseal, a protective pool cover which is reliable, simple and easy to operate and which blends in quite naturally with the surroundings of the garden and pool area.

It took three years of research and development to develop this unique swimming pool cover, which is always perfectly tensioned and absolutely reliable.

Since 2013, distribution has been handled exclusively by ABRISUD to supplement its range with an unobtrusive solution which meets the requirements of its most discerning customers.