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For a beautiful pool… forever The 2.0 pool cover

Coverseal® is a new generation of automatic, secure and stylish pool covers.

The result of three years of research, this brand new high-tech product is unrivalled on the market.

the expert's opinion

An ultra-flat slider rail guides and seals the Coverseal pool cover automatically as it gradually glides over the pool. The cover itself is hardly involved at all in the mechanics and does not touch the ground, so avoiding any friction. Constantly closed by a protective seal, the ultra-flat slider rail has slightly rounded edges, making it extra safe for bathers’ feet  and great for everyday use as plant debris and other dirt is unable to get in.

Solar powered

No electrical connection required: this cover operates independently thanks to its solar panels


Perfect linearity: the cover is always perfectly tensioned for a beautifully smooth look


The result of 3 years of research, this original product has been designed to last thanks to its high-tech materials


Complies with Standard NF 90-308 for total peace of mind